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Do you know why your concrete has started to droop, slip, or shift? Don’t worry; we do! Concrete Lifting Solutions is your locally owned and operated industry leader in concrete lifting, concrete repair, and helical pier systems. Backed by over 30 years of industry experience, we’re the first name in the concrete repair business and the only contractor you need to call!


Concrete Lifting

When you start to notice cracks in a driveway, gaps in windows and doorframes, or nail pops, it’s easy to get scared. Foundation and concrete problems can be expensive and lead to very costly repairs… unless they’re caught early! Concrete Lifting Solutions will expertly assess your situation and determine the right course of action for your concrete slab. We can likely save you thousands with our state-of-the-art concrete lifting technologies! Your driveway, patio, walkway, or foundation repairs may not need to break the bank! Call us today at 218-820-6103 to learn more or request an estimate!

Helical Pier Systems

Concrete sinking or shifting can often be caused by abnormally moist or unsteady soil. In these instances, a helical pier system may be the best solution to keep your concrete slab steady and your property secure. Concrete Lifting Solutions knows exactly how to assess your slab and whether or not a helical pier/helical pile system is right for your property. We’ll work with you to carefully understand your situation and make it better!

Give us a call today at 218-820-6103 to learn more or to request an estimate!

The image above shows where we needed to go down 47 feet with Helical Piers in order to raise the whole foundation to the correct level which was 10 inches.

Very reasonable and excellent workmanship! Thank you Bret Fairchild for helping us correct our patio!

Henry E, Brainerd MN

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