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Helical pier systems use a steel shaft with wrapped-around plates to offer foundation support. Much the way a screw keeps wood fastened; a helical pier system keeps a foundation in place. Concrete Lifting Solutions is a local leader in helical pier installation and maintenance.

Helical pier foundation systems may be used in situations where soil is unstable or excessively moist or floors have started to become uneven. 

Helical Piers in Foundation Repair


Often, when existing foundations have started to crack or to become weak, helical piers can be installed to re-stabilize the existing structures by transferring some of the weight and load from the concrete slab to the soil deep underground.

Signs that your foundation may need to be re-stabilized with a helical pier system include visible cracks in drywall or the foundation itself, multiple nail pops, or growing gaps in window or door frames.

When you think your foundation may be shifting or slipping, don’t wait! Call Concrete Lifting Solutions at 218-820-6103 right away!

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Understanding Helical Piers

Early predecessors to the modern helical pier system date back to the 1800s for use in lighthouses. Helical piers are sometimes known by other names and terms including helical piles, helical anchors, screw piles, and screw anchors.

When your helical piers are installed by Concrete Lifting Solutions, you’re guaranteed to end up with a sturdy footing. We use a torque meter to track how hard the machinery needs to work to spin the helical piers into the ground. That torque is directly proportional to how much force your helical pier can withstand, which means we know exactly how sturdy your foundation is before we even finish working. We’re the industry experts you can count on to get the job done right!

Call us today at 218-820-6103 to learn more or to request a professional estimate. 

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