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When your patio, driveway, or foundation is starting to shift or sink, you can’t ignore the problem! These shifts may start out as a minor inconvenience, but over time, they can lead to major property damage. Concrete Lifting Solutions serving Northern Minnesota is here to come to the rescue for your home or business!


What Is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting is the process of raising a concrete slab by injecting stabilizing grout under the existing concrete slab. The experienced team at Concrete Lifting Solutions will locate the sinking portions of your concrete, drill holes in the sunken areas, and use a pump to inject a pressurized grout or stabilizing material to raise the slab back to its original position. Finally, we seal the hole to leave your slab looking as good as new and standing sturdier than ever!

Types of Concrete Lifting

  • Mudjacking

  • Foamlifting

  • Polyfoam Lifting


Why Lift Concrete?


When your concrete is sagging, you don’t want to wait to fix the problem! Sinking concrete can get expensive fast, with side-effects including property damage, drywall cracks, door and window failure, and more. Left unchecked, slipping concrete can render a property dangerous or even uninhabitable. When the problem is caught early, concrete lifting is a very affordable option that can save thousands of dollars in needless damage.

Concrete lifting from Concrete Lifting Solutions is fast and effective; you can walk or drive on the treated surfaces as soon as the work is finished. We will leave your property and landscape looking as good as new!

If you’re worried about your concrete shifting or sinking, call us right away at 218-820-6103 to learn more or to request an estimate!

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